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Quu is an app that enables consumers to join digital queues at real venues in Europe. For businesses you can manage waiting lines, keep track of waiting times and reduce the need for consumers to physically wait in long lines.

It’s completely free for consumers to use and they don’t need to register any personal details.

For more information on how Quu can help your business, please click here

To start using Quu for business, register your interest by filling out the Contact us form and we will get in touch with you about your specific needs.

Once we have set you up, simply direct your door staff to download the Quu Manager and login with details supplied by us.

They can then use their smartphones to easily manage the Quus at the door of each venue.


How the Quu app works

step 1

Step 1

View, select and open the Quu or Quus you have set up through the Contact us section

step 2

Step 2

Monitor Quu length, estimated waiting times and call the next ticket.

step 3

Step 3

Compare the ticket on your screen against the user ticket and approve entry to the venue.

step 4

Step 4

Manage Quu status, close venues and Quus with notifications sent to customers waiting in line.

Once your Quu is open and active, your door person uses the app on a smartphone to call the first ticket. The customer is notified they are next and approaches the door person to show their two-factor authenticated ticket (These numbers and symbols are randomly generated).

The door person simply checks the customer ticket matches what they see on their smartphone and then taps to grant the customer entry.

Once the customer is in, they call the next ticket on the app. This continues until the door person closes the Quu or venue.